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Degrading Balloons - Alternatives Of Mylar Balloons

    With the increasing demand for foil balloons in various countries around the world, people also realize that the pollution of mylar balloons to the environment becomes more and more serious.
    Since 2020 our has been committed to the development of environmental degradation of the balloon materials, successfully developed biodegradable balloon, such balloon is made up by a variety of biodegradable materials, capable of undergoing decomposition into carbon dioxide, methane, water, inorganic compounds, or biomass in which the predominant mechanism is the enzymatic action of microorganisms,, it is mainly composed of new biodegradable material PLA and many other biodegradable materials, so that the degradation balloons has better air tightness and better strength.

   Kunshan Fair Craft Product Co.,Ltd. is specializing in producing foil balloons, Mylar balloons,degrading balloons,degradation balloons,helium balloon, self-filled balloons, advertising balloons, decorations Balloons,letter balloons, number balloons,Towbar Balloon, cartoon balloons, custom balloons, walking balloons,etc. All the products arehighly appreciated by our clients.
  Our foil balloons,degrading balloons conform to the standards of environmentalprotection and safety stipulated by the National Inspection and QuarantineBureau and the American Association of Toy Manufacturers. They are safe, clean,non-toxic and meet the requirements of the CE 、EN71、RoHS, EN14855-1Certification stipulated in the New Meth

  We have successfully developed degradable balloons in the world. In the future, degradable balloons will replace traditional balloons made mylar balloons materials. Our material is composed of degradable material PLA and a variety of degradable materials, and we have successfully solved many problems such as poor gas retention, insufficient strength and poor sealing of conventional degradable films. In order to give our degradable balloons a sales time, the performance of our degradable balloons will not decline until one year after production, and it will slowly decompose into carbon dioxide and water after two or three years, so it is very friendly to the environment.

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The seller we are looking for has certain ability to open up regional markets, and we will authorize the distributor to carry out business in this region and other retailers' businesses,
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The material used in the Kunshan Fair Craft Product Co.,Ltd. production of degradable balloons is a combination of PLA and other degradable materials. PLAuses starch extracted from corn and cassav...
The material used in the Kunshan Fair Craft ProductCo.,Ltd. production ofdegradable balloons is a combination of PLA and other degradable materials
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