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The material used in the Kunshan Fair Craft Product Co.,Ltd. production of degradable balloons is a combination of PLA and other degradable materials. PLAuses starch extracted from corn and cassava. PLA is an internationally recognized degradable material, so the balloons we produce are truly degradable balloons.

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    Biodegradable materials refer to materials that can be completely decomposed into low-molecular-weight compounds by microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi and algae, etc.) under appropriate and demonstrable natural environment conditions, and will not cause negative effects on the environment.

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   Criteria for Biodegradable Balloons Certification

The EN 14855-1 composting method is the most authoritative certification for degradable balloons made of biodegradable materials. It has a very authoritative influence in the entire international community. Its certified degradable balloons are not only recognized throughout Europe, but also allowed to enter Global Market,

Based on the requirements of environment and life safety, and the rational use of energy and resources, the directive puts forward corresponding requirements and expected goals for degradable balloons and all their links. When degradable compost materials are used in the field of degradable balloons, it can effectively protect our ecological environment. EN14855-1 is the control standard for compostable balloons

Methods for the detection of biodegradable balloons

Mix the sample material with the compost inoculum and put it into a composting container, and carry out sufficient composting under a certain oxygen, temperature and humidity environment, and measure the final release of CO2 after 45 days of material degradation (can be extended to 6 month), and the biodegradation rate of the material is represented by the ratio of the actual CO2 release to its theoretical maximum release. The detection reference is cellulose with a particle size of less than 20 μm, andthe test is valid only when the degradation rate of the reference is greater than 70% after 45 days.

Significance of Biodegradable Balloons Detection

From 28 February to 2 March, the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-5.2) was held in Kenya simultaneously online and offline, Heads of State, Ministers of environment and other representatives from UN Member States endorsed a historic resolution at the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-5) today in Nairobi to End Plastic Pollution and forge an international legally binding agreement by 2024. At present, plastic pollution has become the focus of global environmental pollution second only to climate change, and it is very important for global sustainable development. bring great challenges.

With the implementation of plastic bans in various countries around the world, mylar non-degradable balloons will be replaced by degradable environmentally friendly balloons in the near future,and degradable balloons produced fairly can comprehensively consider and improve each link in the life cycle of degradable balloons. Resourceutilization efficiency, our degradable balloons can effectively protect and improve the ecological environment, provide impetus for the sustainable development of foil balloons, and at the same time, fairness is also an advocate and practitioner of the sustainable development of degradable foil balloons

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