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Degrading Balloons Recruiting Distributors/Channel Partners

Kunshan Fair craft products Co., LTD.have successfully developed degradable balloons in the world. In the future, degradable balloons will replace traditional balloons made mylar balloons materials.

Our material is composed of degradable material PLA and a variety of degradable materials, and we have successfully solved many problems such as poor gas retention, insufficient strength and poor sealing of conventional degradable films. In order to give our degradable balloons a sales time, the performance of our degradable balloons will not decline until one year after production, and it will slowly decompose into carbon dioxide and water after two or three years, so it is very friendly to the environment.

The seller we are looking for has certain ability to open up regional markets, and we will authorize the distributor to carry out business in this region and other retailers' businesses, so as to monopolize the sales of degradable balloons in this region. We will also provide necessary help to make distributors stronger and bigger, so whoever gets our authorization first will succeed in the field of degradable balloons.

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