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The  Theory Of Automatic Self-inflating  Balloons

balloons are selfin flating foil balloons that do not require inflation and do not have a valve. This self-inflating balloon has Four components to make it inflate:balloon、 citric acid, distilled water, and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

Principle of automatic inflating balloon

Automatic balloon

Self-Explosive Balloon material: composite nylon aluminum plating

Description of automatic inflatable balloon:

1. This product can automatically inflate the balloon, saving time and effort;         2. The inflatable body is colorless and odorless, and fully meets the environmental safety standards of the National Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the American Toy Manufacturers Association.

self-inflating foil balloons.jpg

How to use the automatic inflatable balloon:

   1. Pinch a soft water bag in the sphere;

   2. The balloon starts to inflate and shake it a few times;

Automatic balloon,Self-Explosive Ball.png

       3. The balloon expands slowly into a complete shape.

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