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valentines day balloons Valentine mylar balloon Valentine's Day balloons

Balloons CAtegory festival
Balloons Size(Inches) 18
Balloons  Material nylon
Float With Helium yes

Product name:valentines day balloons Valentine mylar balloon Valentine's Day balloons

The tried and true, classic standard mylar balloon, Two sided printed themes made from lightweight metallised films, It is the cornerstone of almost all balloon decorations.

Valentine's Party Supplies,The foil heart and letter balloons feature classic hearts and letters that

Happy Valentine's Day Mylar Helium Balloon,Happy Valentine's Day Foil Helium Balloon,Happy Valentine Foil Balloons are self-sealing so they can be reused and refilled.

Accent your Valentine's Day themed party with this 18" heart shaped   foil mylar balloon,The perfect balloon for your Valentine's Day party, this 18" party balloon is great for setting the scene! This balloon includes a self-sealing valve, preventing the gas from escaping after it's inflated. The balloon can be inflated with helium to float or with a balloon air inflator.

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