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Balloon is its English name and the Chinese dictionary explains as this: a balloon made of thin rubber, rubber-coated cloth, plastic, etc., filled with hydrogen, helium, air and other gases, to be looks like a ball. When a balloon is filled with a gas lighter than air, it can rise. There are various kinds of balloons. Some are used as toys, and some are used as carriers. For example, they can carry instruments of meteorology and military for high-altitude detection and reconnaissance. According to the above description, there are two main kinds of balloons, one is civilian balloons, and the other is military balloons.

   The balloons we generally talk about are civilian balloons. Based on different materials, mainly are latex balloons and foil balloons. The balloons we produced are aluminum film balloons. The raw materials, production process, and printing process of the two kinds of balloons are completely different.   Therefore, so far there is no domestic balloon factory that can produce both latex balloons   and foil balloons at the same time.

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Latex balloons are rubber balloons, which are mainly rubber-based balloons. It is generally used for toys, festival decoration, and advertising. It is simpler than aluminum film balloons. The shape is not like aluminum film balloons that can be made into many special-shaped balloons. It can only print a few simple plane prints but the color can not show the three-dimensional effect likes aluminum film balloons. In order to   increase the reflective effect, you can add a layer of pearl on the latex balloons to achieve more brilliant colors.   

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   foil balloon is mylar balloon, just like our mobile phone, can also be called mobile phone, same thing but called different, so there is no difference. There are more choices of the materials for foil balloon compared to latex balloon, the main materials are nylon foil, PET mylar, laser nylon film, transparent film. Customers can choose different materials to customize foil balloon according to different quality requirements and printing effect.

   The production process for foil balloon is also a little more complex than latex balloon, raw materials firstly need to recombination, making plate, printing, hot pressing molding and other processes.foil balloons can be processed into different shapes according to customer's design and can be printed with the pattern as customer provided. The shoulder and three-dimensional effect are latex balloon can not achieve.

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