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Degradation balloons RoHS

Fair passed Degrading balloon the RoHS directive on June 27, 2022. RoHS means The Restriction of Hazardous SubstancesDirective,to make sure our Degrading balloons   get the exact material safety expected.Each European Union member statewill adopt its own enforcement and implementation policies using the directiveas a guide,Make it more beneficial to human health and environmental protection. RoHS helps reduce damage to humans and the environment。

After passing the rohs certification, our degradation   balloons can be freely sold and traded in the EU market. It is a necessary condition for entering the supermarket market, so for future development and trade in the EUcan be more smooth.

Our degradable balloons will be more authoritative in the market after rohs, which will improve the competitiveness of our degradable balloons, especially in the EU market, which will increase the trust of customers in the production of our degradable balloons. With rohs certification, it will be more authoritative, and get the trust and recognition of customers earlier

RoHS Certification mark.jpg

                                                                                RoHS Certification mark

Degrading balloons RoHS.png

degradation balloons RoHS.pngBiodegradable balloons RoHS.JPG

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