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Causes of a balloon leaking

I met many customers asking why the foil balloons ordered in other factories leaking so badly. Some of them deflated or did not float after one day after they were filled with helium. They asked me that our balloons can be guaranteed not to leak for a few days.

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There are many reasons for the air leaking of foil balloons, the most important of which are the following:

1.The influence of temperature difference. Our factory has conducted experiments. In an environment of 34 degrees Celsius, 10 foil balloons were filled with helium, and then placed in an environment of 24 degrees. After 1 or 2 hours, 10 balloons looked obviously deflated. , That’s how full when you just inflate, but still floating. On the contrary, put these 10 balloons in an environment of 34 degrees Celsius and they will bulge again after one or two hours. Therefore, temperature still has an effect on air leakage. Of course, this is just the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. I will not repeat the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. So when we inflate and use the foil balloon, we try to choose the same environment as possible.

2.Second, the influence of materials, Kunshan Fair Craft Products Co., Ltd. generally asks whether the quality standard to be exported or the general quality requirement when the customer inquires. If the customer is exported to Europe and the United States, we generally warn the customer to use nylon material. The relative tightness and fastness of nylon material are better than PET materials, and the touch feel is relatively soft. Of course, the relative price is more expensive. And if the customer's quality requirements are not very high, and the price is cheap, we will tell the customer to use PET as the material, which is a bit worse in terms of air retention and fastness than nylon.

3.The influence of the production process. So far, there are two production processes for foil balloons, one is cold cutting and the other is cold cutting. Domestic manufacturers use cold cutting technology to produce foil balloons. The cold cutting technology has only one seal. The cutting edge is cold cut to cut out the shape of the foil balloon. Its sides are not sealed. Its advantage is the speed of production. Faster, the relative production cost will also be reduced. Kunshan Fair Craft Products Co., Ltd. is responsible for customers and guarantees the quality of balloons, and adopts the production process of hot-cutting. Our production equipment is the only machine in China that does hot-cutting. If foreign customers understand foil balloons, They all choose the hot-cut edge production process, because the hot-cut foil balloon has a seal on the side, which means that there are two seals to prevent helium from leaking.

4.Fourth, the influence of the inflation method, when we inflate the foil balloon, try not to inflate it with high pressure. If we use high pressure to inflate our foil balloon, it is easy to inflate the automatic sealing film, which is inherently convenient After we are inflated, we don't need to strap it to prevent helium from running out. If it is broken by using high pressure, the sealing effect will be lost. So when we inflate, we try to inflate our foil balloons as slowly as possible.

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     All in all, the reason for balloon air leakage is nothing more than the above four points. If you choose our hot-cut edge production process, remember the above points of inflation methods, we believe that you will receive better results.

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