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EN71 Is The Normative Standard For Foil Balloons Products In The EU Narket

fair company’s foil balloons have passed EN71, which is the norm for foil balloons in the EU market, certification number: SHTY130500007975

EN71 is the normative standard for foil balloons in the EU market. Kunshan Fair Craft Products Co., Ltd. is committed to child safety. Children are the most concerned and cherished group in the whole society. The foil balloons   market that children generally love is developing rapidly. At the same time, various types of foil balloons often cause harm to children due to various quality problems. Therefore, the requirements of various countries in the world on toys and handicrafts on the domestic market are becoming increasingly strict. Many countries have established their own safety regulations for these products. Kunshan Fair Craft Products Co., Ltd. must ensure that the foil balloons we produce meet relevant standards before being sold in the region.

Kunshan Fair Craft Products Co., Ltd. must be responsible for accidents caused by production defects, poor designs or the use of inappropriate materials. The aluminum film balloons produced have been tested by   SGS regardless of the choice of materials and printing inks. As a result, when entering the European market, the introduction of the toy EN71 certification decree, the meaning of which is to pass the EN71 standard on the technical specifications of the balloons products entering the European market, thereby reducing or avoiding the harm of foil balloons to children.

foil balloon EN71.jpgaluminum balloonEN71.jpgfestival balloon EN71.jpgletter balloon EN71.jpghelium balloon EN71.jpgSelf-inflating balloon EN71.jpg

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