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Customized Foil Balloons and Customized Advertising Balloons

Kunshan Fair Crafts Product Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in producing foil balloons. Other latex balloons and PVC balloons have different production processes, so we cannot produce such products.

  The main materials we used for foil   balloons mylar (foil), transparent film, and laser film. Most foil advertising balloons also just use these three materials. Below is the brief introduction of the different characteristics, production process and use of the three materials.

  mylar ( foil): It is mainly composed of three layers of materials, usually made of PE, nylon (or PET), and aluminium plated layer. The production process is firstly compound nylon and PE with special glue, and then dry them at a constant temperature for 48 hours to make them firm. After the material is completely dried, aluminum plated the compound layer on the plating machine, meantime, different patterns and colors can be printed on it. (As shown in below picture)

foil balloon mylar balloon.png

  Transparent film: the production process of transparent film is the same as mylar, but there is no aluminum plating process. The pattern design of transparent material balloon is very simple. Some customers even just print an advertising LOGO. (As shown in below picture)

transparent balloons.png

  Laser film: laser film production process is relatively complex, it is on the basis of aluminum plating film to additionally add laser effect, because of the complex production process, it will waste more materials, and the laser cost is high, so the unit price for a balloon is more expensive. We will need more time to produce such customized the laser film advertising balloon. (As shown in below picture)

Laser balloons.png

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