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Introduction of foil Balloon Automatic Sealing and the method of Inflating (Figure)

With the development of social science and technology, in order to make it more convenient to inflate, we invented a sealing device that can automatically seal the gas nozzle of the foil balloon after filling the gas.The main function of the balloon is that when we fill the balloon with helium, we don't need to seal the gas outlet immediately when we pull the inflatable gun out. It will automatically seal the balloon to prevent the helium from escaping, so unlike inflate the latex balloon, after filling the gas can not move away your hand, be sure to find a rope to tie up the gas nozzle.Simply to say, it is a gas non-return device.

Introduction of foil Balloon Automatic Sealing .jpg

   Precautions for inflating foil balloons. When we fill helium into a balloon, there must be a pressure reducing valve on the helium bottle, if the bottle full of helium don’t completely open it,   because with full helium pressure in the bottle is very high, but our automatic sealing device is just a thin layer of PE film, if the air pressure is very high, the automatic sealing device will be easily broken, if the PE film is broken, it cannot automatically seal which will cause the balloon to leak.

Introduction of foil Balloon Automatic Sealing and the method of Inflating.png

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