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Kunshan Fair Craft ProductCo.,Ltd. is specializing in producing foil balloons, Mylar balloons,degrading balloons,degradation balloons,helium balloon, self-filled balloons, advertising balloons, decorations Balloons,letter balloons, number balloons,Towbar Balloon, cartoon balloons, custom balloons, walking balloons,etc. All the products arehighly appreciated by our clients.

Our company is one of the earliest-established and themost professional aluminum foil balloon manufacturer in China integrating thedesign, manufacturing and sales of the balloons made from foil, PE, laser andnylon. Thanks to the continuous supports from the exiting and new clients homeand abroad, our foil baloons、degrading balloons, have been exported to America, Asia, Europe and MiddleEast, and have created an excellent reputation for our company.

     Our team is committed to innovating. Our extra effortson every detail of the process from selecting raw material to manufacturinghave made our products leading the industry by the highly recommended designand quality. We welcome any product samples and inspirations from our exitingand new clients. We also encourage our clients to join us in developing new foil balloons,degrading balloons new requirements and innovative ideas.

Our foil balloons,degrading balloons conform to the standards of environmentalprotection and safety stipulated by the National Inspection and QuarantineBureau and the American Association of Toy Manufacturers. They are safe, clean,non-toxic and meet the requirements of the CE 、EN71、RoHS, EN14855-1Certification stipulated in the New Meth

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Company profile