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Degrading Balloons

big number balloons number balloons

Balloons CAtegory decoration for birthdays, weddings, for home!
Balloons Size(Inches) 16、32、40
Balloons  Material Polyester nylon
Float With Helium yes

Product name:big number balloons number balloons

they're great for resale at party supply stores, gift shops, and home goods stores. 16 inch Not for helium use,32 inch、40 inch for   Helium use

You can combine this silver number zero balloon with other numbers for a custom look at graduations, birthdays, New Year's Eve parties, and anniversaries. The metallic finish of this silver number balloon makes it an eye-catching addition to the photo booth background at your event.

Perfect for birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversaries, and more, our silver foil number balloons are a great way to celebrate. Use them for dates, jersey numbers, anniversary years, ages, or any number.   foil balloons are perfect for taking your birthday or anniversary party to the next level! The beautifully shiny golden foil design will liven up your décor and instantly put your guests in celebration mode!

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