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The only foil balloon manufacturer in China that can meet the standards for export to Europe and the United States

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     Because our foil   balloon machine is the only foil   balloon manufacturer in China that uses hot-cut edges, the advantage of hot-cut edges is that there is one more hot edge on the basis of the original edge sealing, that is, there are two lines of defense to prevent gas leakage. In order to increase production, other domestic manufacturers use cold-cut edges. The cold-cut edges have only one sealing edge, and there is no hot cut on the outside cutting edges, so the gas retention is relatively poor. With two seals, our air retention performance is more secure. Other manufacturers can only keep it filled with helium for 1 or 2 days, while our foil   balloons can last for more than 7 days.foil    balloon.jpgfoil balloon leak.jpg

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