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Degrading Balloons

support rod towbar balloon  with tow bar balloons  hand-held rod balloon  bracket transparent pole

Balloons CAtegory towbar balloon
Balloons Size(Inches) 16
Balloons  Material PP
Float With Helium No

Product Name:support rod,towbar balloon,with tow bar balloons,hand-held rod balloon,bracket transparent pole

stick and cup balloon holders for foil balloon

DURABLE AND FIRM: Balloon stand made of durable Environmental friendly pp .

BALLOON STAND SIZE: Balloon pole 40cmlong, stand   diameter 8mm,stand base diameter 8cm

QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLE: You need to prepare foil balloon.

able desktop support holder,you can stick it on the tables to make it more stable, And it can be reuse multiple times in different situations.

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